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Changing up your makeup routine for Fall and Winter...

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Most likely you are itching to bring some color back into your makeup palette after a long summer of just the bare essentials. With that, here are a few ways to jazz it up even the runway may be jealous! Get your favorite leather jacket out to go with your new popping colors...

1) Lets start with striking new eye liners... from bold under liner to just a pop of inside liner. Don't be shy with the bold under liner, a reverse cat eye is all over the runway this year. You can go with black shimmer to a crisp brown.

2) When working on the inside corners with shadow or a liner; have fun with it. My Favorite is glitter to pastel, even metallic. You name it try it out!

3) If eye liner isn't your thing, try more flashy eye shadows. Instagram eyes are all over the internet. From rainbow colored eye lids to a more subtle approach. Like a beautiful warm Terra Cotta or peach color. A bronzer works great for all areas of the face; like eye shadow and lips. Don't forget to match the lips!

4) One trend I am sure you have seen on social media is Soap brows. You can achieve this fluffy full brow look with soap you have at home or you can get them laminated. (Perm the hair up...yes i said perm.) If you are using soap from home make sure it has glycerin in it and drys clear.

5) Now we can break away from the summery shimmer gloss if we want and rock on some dark lips. Brick red, berry, Fuchsia, chocolate, fiery orange... so many colors to choose from. If dark lips are not your thing, go with a nude youthful image.

Always have fun with your makeup. This is an expression of your sole!

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